Wednesday, 6 April 2011



Having a quick window shop on folksy today, thinking weddings [ well it's in the air ] I am not planning to get married our wedding was 28 years ago it was all about the big dress then Charles and Diana's wedding was only 3 years before, I wanted something different but if was difficult to find anything don't forget this was in the dark ages before blogs and etsy and even the Internet. So I made my dress it was Edwardian style with an antique lace parasol and I was thinking how easy it would be now I would go vintage maybe a 50's style short dress

this dress goes with the 80' s theme


Not many brides choose a veil now I didn't even then but I had a hat with a small veil this one would look good with a 50's style dress


In our day your only choice was the local print shop and they didn't vary much nor were they very imaginative, but these days it is so easy to be creative and reflect your personal taste and of course support a small business, like these

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