Monday, 4 April 2011


Hope everyone had a nice Mothers day, either seeing or remembering your Mum, my Mum is in a lovely home she has dementia and although she could not grasp the idea of Mothers day she enjoyed the plant and chocolate's. I hope you got nice presents and thoughts from your little ones [ or big one's] we spent the day it A & E with our daughter but at least we were together, all is hopefully well or it will be after hourly antibiotic drops have finished


Got this great magazine at the weekend it is published by Yours magazine which I think is a magazine aimed at retired people or women, don't let this put you off it is crammed full of photos of fashion from across the decades

There are some wedding shots of course including the Royal weddings


Tonight's dinner is yet to be decided but I did make a celery soup that may go as a sauce with what ever I end up making, this soup/sauce uses up any left over celery and bits of greens in the fridge


1 celery, stalks and leaves every thing chopped roughly
A handful of any other green veg [ today I used frozen garden peas ]
1 onion
4 garlic cloves [ as said before this is to taste] minced
Vegetable oil a good glug
Herbs and spices [ today I used rosemary and oregano ]
A Handful of chopped parsley [ dried is more than fine just use enough to taste]
1/2 a of pint vegetable stock
1/2 a of pint of soya milk

First heat oil , and add onions and cook until softened , then add garlic and cook for a few moments

Next add the celery and vegetables cook for a minute then add hot stock and all the herbs and spices that you are using and cook for 5 or 10 minutes more

When vegetables have softened add all contents to a liquidizer or food processor with the milk and whizz until smooth

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