Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Spring has sprung, delicate pretty flowers, a Christmas pressie hidden away in the dark, brought out into the sun a week or so ago and look at them now


A nice cup of strong coffee, a ginger cake with Tofutti vanilla ice cream bliss!


It's not to warm yet to enjoy a good hearty warm soup for supper tonight it's French Onion with cheese toasties [ vegan cheese ]

French Onion Soup [ vegan ]

5 /6 brown onions
4 garlic cloves [ I use more but we like it very strong]
Veg oil a good slug
A good dessert spoon of marg/butter etc [I use pure soya or sunflower ]
Tablespoon of flour
Litre or so of veg stock [I use vegan bullion ]
Good tablespoon of marmite [ again I use a little more but we like it strong]
Splattering of dried herbs [ fresh in summer ]i.e rosemary/sage or whatever you preference
Salt and Pepper

Warm oil and spread in heavy bottom frying pan [ cast iron is good for this]
roughly chop the onions and add to the pan

Mince garlic and add to pan

Cook for a good 10 minutes, let them brown but not burn add a splash of water if getting to dry,some colour on the pan only adds to the flavour, at the end of this you could add a spoonful of flour to dry off

Add the stock, marmite and seasoning and simmer for a good 20 minutes

Serve with grilled cheese toasties [ Pure vegan slices for me ] heaven

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